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Chief Keef

Chicago, Illinois

Chief Keef was born Keith Cozart and grew up in the most dangerous neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois known as “O Block".

Keef is widely known as the father of “drill rap, and for being the reason that modern rap is where it is today. 

He started his path to fame in 2011 where he first garnered local attention from Chicago’s South Side community with his mix-tapes, such as The Glory Road 

Then Keef gained even more attention when he dropped mix tapes, Bang and Back From the Dead with hits like "3Hunna "and "I Don’t Like".

He truly became a superstar when "Love Sosa" was released. People all over the country, not just Chicago, came to love his music.

Chief Keef released his most recent album "The Leek Vol. 7" on  January 18, 2019. It is currently unkown what Sosa will be releasing next.

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