D Savage

Gardena, California

D Savage is an American artist from Gardena, California however was originally born in Queens, New York in 1998. D Savage first started his rap career in a friends studio where he recorded his first ever song titled "30 Round Clip".

Immediately after the release of the song "30 Round Clip" it became an internet hit and has racked up over 9.5 million plays to date. After the 18-year old rapper at the time started to release new tracks over the coming months, he rapidly gained buzz and attention from his local town Gardena, California.                                                                                                         

Eventually D Savage linked up with Long Beach local Joey Fatts and signed D Savage to his label "Cutthroat Records".

Unfortunately, D Savage had many complications with Cutthroat Records and separated from the record label on September 5, 2017. 

With many fans waiting for his debut album, D Savage than signed to Republic Records where he also had complications with the label. With many songs in the vault and waiting to be released, D Savage was just standing by for his label to okay the release of his debut album.

During this time period, D Savage teased the fans with music he was expected to release on his coming album such as Opera, What You Want, and No Smoke. This made fans eager for new music, unfortunately those three songs were leaked online before the album saw an official release. 

Tired of problems with record labels, D Savage was finally able to make his way out of his deal with Republic Records. After leaving the label, D Savage teased that he was at the Cash Money Records Office which made fans think they would never see the release of D Phoenix.

Fortunately, D Savage was able to sign a deal with Capitol Records which allowed him to finally release his debut album "D Phoenix" on October 12, 2018. However, the Capitol deal prevented him from replacing the songs that leaked previously before the new deal. With many eager fans waiting for the album, D Savage released the album with only four new songs due to the leaking of Opera, What You Want and an alternate version of No Smoke featuring Ron$oCold & TheGoodPerry prior to the release of the album. 

"D Phoenix" was a quality album, however some fans were mad at D Savage for putting the leaked songs on the album although he had no choice.

D Savage's most recent project was titled "Trust No One" and was released on July 26, 2019. It has not yet been announced when or what project D Savage plans on dropping next, but should be dropping sometime this year in 2020.

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