K. Trill

Fort Worth, Texas

K. Trill  born March 6, 1998 is an American rapper from Fort Worth, Texas. He first started making music in 2016 with inspiration from  American-Trinidadian rapper Trinidad James.

His first ever project was released on September 4, 2016 titled the "GROOVE GOD EP", which was recorded in Forth Worth inside of Trill's closet. Before the release of the "GROOVE GOD EP" Trill released the single "Flexin" which saw great success.

After receiving local buzz in his Forth Worth area, Trill continued to make more music and released multiple Music Videos such as "Out The Blue" and "Bout That" in which Trill saw success.

Shortly after that, Trill released the singles "I Might" and "Trill My Fit" which saw great success. Subsequently K. Trill teamed up with Strapped Entertainment to release singles such as "I Ain't Going" and "Smoke For Free" which gained great traction almost overnight.

On Halloween Night October 31, 2018, K. Trill joined DJ Uneeqmuzik & DJ Bubba to release his mix-tape "Tape" featuring Splurge and Spudd. The mix-tape features great variety from the chill but lively Intro "Free Tyler Freestyle"; to the pure turned up and energetic vibes of "Pissin".

K. Trill's most recent project was dropped on November 17. 2019 and is titled "Sin For Me - EP". It is unknown what Trill's next project will be titled, however it should be coming sometime in 2020.

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