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Lil Candypaint

Savannah, Georgia

Based out of Savannah, Georgia and is known for being the partner-in-crime of Duwap Kaine. He is associated with artists such as, K$upreme, SlimeSito and of course Duwap Kaine.

He has been making music since early 2016, as one of the first songs up on his SoundCloud is "Never Change" featuring Young Texaco. This was posted in June of 2016 after his appearance on the song "First Day Out" on Duwap Kaine's album Candy Kaine released on September 10, 2016.

After his success with his first couple of songs and appeareance on Duwap Kaine's album. Lil Candypaint kept making more music and started releasing singles to his SoundCloud account which quickly gained traction.

Some of his most notable and popular SoundCloud hits include "Internet Thug", "Stars" and "Sleep At Night". Following the success of those singles, Lil Candypaint released his first album titled Revenge On My Enemies.

Lil Candypaint's most recent project is titled "Over Come Anything" and was released on April 05, 2019. It is unclear when Candy's newest project will be releasing.

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