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Matt OX

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Matt OX is a Philadelphia rapper who gained popularity on the internet with his single Overwhelming”. Born on December 13, 2004, he has been noted for his exceptionally young age.

He released his debut album titled OX on October 30th. The album earned features such as Chief Keef, Key!, and Valee. It was released at the end of a campaign known asOxtober,” resulting in many singles and features, and finally the album.

Matt first developed an interest in rap at the age of four after listening to Kendrick Lamar's "Young & Black" and older Eminem music. He made his first original rap at the age of five.  

His rise to success began on May 21, 2017 when the music video to his single "Overwhelming" was released on his label Working On Dying's YouTube channel. Immediately after the video there were many mixed emotions across many social media platforms. Many people applauded the young artists talent, however many critiqued him mainly due to his race and age.

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