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Arlington, Texas

Splurge was born in Arlington, Texas in 2001. He began uploading his original tracks online in his late teenage years and in 2018 released his first project GlockEeeee. He followed his debut mixtape with three more EP’s, all released in 2018.

Splurge’s flow is reminiscent of Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and also shares similarities with Goonew. His most popular songs have garnered millions of views, earning him cosigns from Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty.

Although his flow may seem similar to other rappers, Splurge is definitely not a clone of anyone and has his own unique "no melody" style along with his crazy beat selection.

Splurge is known for his beats having little to no melody and having very strong 808's. He has influenced many rappers to start using beats that sound similair and has given producers such as "Beat By Jeff" great popularity from making the unique beats.

He released his most recent mixtape "Splurge Go!" on November 9, 2018. The mixtape has seen great success and has gotten the upcoming artist a-lot of buzz.

Splurge has recently joined Lil Pump on his Harverd Dropout tour around Europe which was a slight surprise due to how large Pump's following is. However, many know Pump and his best-friend Smokepurpp are fans of Splurge. This was after Pump posted a video of Purpp hitting "the woah" to Splurge's popular single "Intro Part 2".

Splurge has not announced when his debut album will be released. However, it is speculated that it will be releasing sometime in 2019.

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