Stunna Cold

Stunna Cold

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Born on March 2, 1999, Shaun Holt, better known by his stage name STUNNA COLD, is an American rapper hailing from Lawrenceville, Georgia.

STUNNA would begin his career in music after asking for studio time in a recording facility that his uncle owned and operated. In addition, STUNNA’s interest in creating music would be furthered as a result of inspiration drawn from his cousins Carlito and Jay Almighty, a duo known professionally as the LUXEBWOY$. After dabbling in music for months on end, STUNNA took to SoundCloud on July 14, 2016, to post his since-deleted first track titled “God’s Catch.”

On January 12, 2019, STUNNA would be affiliated with and managed by Strapped Entertainment after being approached by founder Jayden Priz. Jayden would extend his efforts for STUNNA by additionally being his primary photographer and graphic designer.

STUNNA is currently in the process of preparing and recording material for both his forthcoming untitled debut mixtape and his collaborative effort with New York rapper MulaManDam, Lost in Luxury. Both projects have been said to drop within 2019, with the latter being released before the former.

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