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Chicago, Illinois

Valee Taylor, known mononymously as Valee (pronounced vuh-LAY), is an American rapper known for his mixtape 1988 which got him signed to Kanye West's record label GOOD Music. He released GOOD Job and You Found Me on March 2, 2018. The first song he released was with Ty Money.

His groggy flows consistently blend with a taste of the luxurious lifestyle to craft short-but-sweet hits, positioning himself on the tipping point of national stardom

Valee is known for his collaborations with St. Louis producer ChaseTheMoney. Valee's groggy but effortless flow with ChaseTheMoney's hard bumping beats make for a great combo. They released a collaboration album back on May 21, 2018 titled "VTM" which featured eight tracks all produced by ChaseTheMoney.

Valee's debut album has not been announced or name yet. However, he is expected to release a project sometime in early or mid 2019.

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